12 November 2008

New Story Idea

I posted a similar blog on Author Nation so I am basically repeating it. But I feel it's worth it, partly because I just feel like talking today (not really but still...). I am trying to come up with a new idea for a story. It will probably be based off of some of the same characters as in Caught Up. I am also trying to come up with a play but one piece of work at a time, I guess.

Anybody who has read my work knows how I like to write. I like to come up with a story that just makes you say damn. I like a story that gets you thinking and say, I knew someone who has been through this or believe that I been through this, even though it is not necessarily the case. Mostly importantly, I like to get the reader hooked within the first couple of pages.

If anybody out there have any ideas, feel free to comment. Doesn't matter how controversial...hell, I like a little controversy. Gets everybody talking.

Until next time, happy readings and happy writings, y'all.

The One and Only JB

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