20 January 2009

Stop the Fakeness!

This is one of those blogs when I just feel like saying what's on my mind. This weekend, what could have been a great weekend ended up being horrible because I was betrayed by somebody who I thought I could count on. I was stupid for doing this, considering how hard it is for me to trust anyone. But I gave this person a little bit of trust and got stabbed in the back.

Her friend was the cause for this because her friend is a drama queen and an instigator and can never keep her nose in her own business. She is not happy unless she got drama going on. But I am not pissed off because I lost a friendship because of this immature "woman". I am pissed off because my friend gave her my telephone number so she could harrass me on the personal issues I used to talk to her about. That's why I felt betrayed.

Now folks, we are also supposed to be grown people--or I like to think we are supposed to be grown people. But you got folks (and these folks are older than me) out there who still like to play around like we are still in high school. They talk about folks and judge folks. They smile in your face then stab you in your back. They love the drama.

Now I have always warned her that this "woman" is not her true friend. She never listened. Instead, she allowed this "friend" to interfere with her life and drag her through her games. She is supposed to be the older one and allows her life to be dictated by this very immature girl. Now folks, what kind of bs is that?

To close out, what I want to tell every self-respecting man or woman out there is don't allow yourself to fall for the games. And if you are the ones out there playing these young kids games, y'all need to stop it. All you are doing is playing with real people's emotions and setting yourself for the ultimate bite in the ass, because karma is a mother and God does not like ugly. I am tired of the fakeness I see everyday. It is time for the real people to come out. And if the people I am talking about just so happens to read this blog, know that in the end you will wake up, the hard way.


07 January 2009

New Play

I just wanted to let everybody know that over the holidays I have finally started writing my play. I don't want to tell everyone what it is about yet since I am not finished with my first draft but I promise it will be interesting...just like how I like it.

I don't have a title for it yet. Once it is finished I will let everyone know and hopefully I can put it in production in a neighborhood near you.

Until then...


01 January 2009

Happy New Year

Just wanted to tell the world Happy New Year and I hope everyone have a blessed and wonderful year.

12 November 2008

New Story Idea

I posted a similar blog on Author Nation so I am basically repeating it. But I feel it's worth it, partly because I just feel like talking today (not really but still...). I am trying to come up with a new idea for a story. It will probably be based off of some of the same characters as in Caught Up. I am also trying to come up with a play but one piece of work at a time, I guess.

Anybody who has read my work knows how I like to write. I like to come up with a story that just makes you say damn. I like a story that gets you thinking and say, I knew someone who has been through this or believe that I been through this, even though it is not necessarily the case. Mostly importantly, I like to get the reader hooked within the first couple of pages.

If anybody out there have any ideas, feel free to comment. Doesn't matter how controversial...hell, I like a little controversy. Gets everybody talking.

Until next time, happy readings and happy writings, y'all.

The One and Only JB

10 November 2008

I'm Back!

What's up, everybody? Wanted to let y'all know that I am back and I have released Caught Up for the second time. So check out my new website, www.jburragepublications.com and feel free to contact me anytime. Also, don't forget to check out this hot book.

06 February 2008

This is a Fan Site/Feedback Site

This site is an outlet for all the JB followers out there who want the opportunity to congregate and socialize. It is also a site for updates and goings on with the author.

Caught Up: A Novel

Synopsis: Jeremiah Blackwood is a young, dark and very eligible bachelor who is trying to defy the odds of the stereotypical black man in the dirty south and overcome the small-town mentality that constantly threatens his success. Through hard work and determination, he honed his craft as a writer adn began making his mark in the community when he met a caramel complexioned girl who could make Buffy the Body look like Miss Celie in The Color Purple.

She seemed so innocent the first time they met. Her beautiful brown eyes beckoned him into her lonely soul. Her smile was enticing, yet friendly. He knew she was the woman of his dreams. Much to his surprise, he found that not only was she far from perfect, but soon realized that she was involved in some things bigger than he could wrap his small mind around.

Find out what happens when a man gets caught up in a tangled web of lust, lies, and unadulterated drama.